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Escape the middle-class grind forever.

It was a typical Las Vegas August evening. The desert was still awash in sunlight, but the temperatures had begun to fall from an afternoon high of 110 degrees Fahrenheit to just above 90. In one of the nicer neighborhoods in suburban Henderson, the kind where the homes manage to have lush front lawns instead […]


Healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of dementia even if the condition runs in your family, study says

Some people have genes that put them more at risk of the condition but this research shows that everyone can lower the risk by leading a healthy lifestyle. The study, led by researchers at the University of Exeter, was revealed at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. They collected data over eight years from almost 196,383 […]


Autism Largely Caused by Genetics, Not Environment

The largest study of its kind, involving more than 2 million people across five countries, finds that autism spectrum disorders are 80% reliant on inherited genes. That means that environmental causes are responsible for just 20% of the risk. The findings could open new doors to research into the genetic causes of autism, which the […]


Obesity is not a choice driven by greed – it’s a disease epidemic, doctors argue

They argued the idea that being overweight is self-inflicted and an individual’s own fault is wrong. ‘It’s not your fault’ Instead, genetics plays a major role in determining if someone will be obese. And that combined with the serious complications including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers, means it should be defined as a disease, they […]


Raising the steaks: how to have a fancy barbecue

There is a lot to be said for barbecues, including smell, taste, poignant memories of summers past, licensed overeating and the ubiquity of coleslaw, but I have noticed one thing: the chef never gets any credit. It is a bit of reverse sexism: men usually take over, in what we can call “manflipping” or “pyromannia”, […]


What I’ve learned as a nurse watching people die in remote rural Scotland

There are very few experiences as unique, sobering and intimate for a nurse as entering a stranger’s house in the middle of the night and watching them die. There’s no hospice provision where I’m based in rural north Scotland. For those diagnosed with progressive, incurable illnesses such as cancer or heart failure, a health professional […]