Fortnite Now Has A Giant Pink Robot And A Mysterious Countdown Ahead Of Season 10

As season 9 of Fortnite draws to a close, another mysterious object has appeared on Fortnite Island, together with a countdown to what will likely be another major in-game event.

Over the last few days, a massive pink robot has been gradually assembled within the crater of the volcano that erupted in Season 8 of the hit video game.

Beside the robot, and in several other locations around the game, is a floating timer counting down to 7pm BST on Saturday, 20 July.

The giant robot has a Transformer’s aesthetic but comes with a number of peculiar features.

Its right hand appears to be the head of a cartoon dinosaur, while its head looks like that of a teddy bear.

The right foot is an anthropomorphised tomato and its left foot is a goofy-looking hamburger.

The appearance of the pink machine comes after a monster thawed out earlier in season 9 and began swimming around the island.

This has led to speculation among some players that the robot and the monster will face off on Saturday night.

Previous season-ending events have included a massive purple cube transforming into a portal to a new dimension at the end of season 6.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has remained tight-lipped about the most recent developments but has recently been hyping the Fortnite World Cup Finals, set to take place later this month in New York.

The three-day event will see the world’s best Fortnite players come together to compete for $30 million worth of prize money.