Worlds best places to eat cebiche

Peru has too much to offer tourists; from Machu Picchu to the Cordillera Blanca, the selections are incredible. In spite of all that, many tourists make the trip to get a taste of the country’s delicacies. Within a short period, Peru exploded to take over the world culinary scene. Apart from its exquisite tourist attractions, Peru is now a renowned gastronomic travel destination. Dishes like ceviche are now making their way throughout the globe and enlightening taste buds. So, if you ever visit Peru, make sure that you try some of the nation’s favorite dishes. Here are a few instances for you to try.

1. Ceviche: Of course, a discussion concerning Peruvian cuisine isn’t going to start or end without ceviche. It is a dish which encompasses the flavors of the coast and the jungle. Ceviche is also the most famous dish in Peruvian cuisine, and you can get it at the Best Restaurants in Peru . You can go for regular ceviche or try the ‘Ceviche Mixto.’ It is a mixture of raw fish, red onion, lime juice, and hot pepper. It can be a main dish or an entrée.

2. Papa A La Huancaina: The next one of the list is not as popular as ceviche, but it is a lip-smacking concoction. Generally, the Best Restaurants in Peru serve Papa a la Huancaina as a side dish. According to the locals, it is one of their personal favorites. It contains boiled cut up potatoes, boiled eggs, and black olives. Chefs apply a creamy yellow sauce from the top, which consists of cheese, yellow spice, and milk with saltine crackers.

3. Cuy: This dish is more of a unique delicacy and is quite interesting too. Cuy is the Peruvian word for ‘guinea pig.’ The appearance can be a bit intimidating, but it is a must-try. Chefs barbeque Cuy and serve it whole, without excluding the head. The meat is mostly chewy and gamy though there isn’t much flesh to eat. Overall, it is something that adventurous eaters must try.

4. Anticucho: It is a slightly different dish because street-side stalls serve it more than restaurants. Nevertheless, it is something worth trying when in Peru. Anticucho contains beef skewers served with potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. They simmer the beef over burning coals. Sometimes, instead of beef, the chefs use pork or alpaca meat. It is one of the tastiest street foods to try in Peru.

5. Lomo Saltado: Last but not least, Lomo Saltado is a typical dish which is available in almost all restaurants in Peru. Lomo Saltado is nothing but stir-fried beef in Peruvian cooking style. It consists of meat, tomatoes, and onions, cut into strips with hot peppers. The chefs stir-fry everything together and serve it with French fries and rice. It is a mouthwatering dish on its own. However, when topped with hot Peruvian sauce and mayonnaise, it becomes even more delectable than usual.

Kill your hunger

Trekking in the treacherous but highly rewarding routes in the Cordillera Blanca will undoubtedly make you hungry. Now that you have this list, you can ask for what you like in any classy Peruvian eatery. Peru’s cuisine is etching its name in the hearts of people throughout the world. This fame will inevitably only continue to increase.