What Are the Most Common Flavors of Exotic Fanta?

What Are the Most Common Flavors of Exotic Fanta?

Exotic Fanta is a soft drink from the Coca-Cola Company. This soft drink was created in Nazi Germany due to a trade embargo that banned Coca-Cola from importing ingredients. Fanta was created by combining the German word for imagination, Phantasie, with the word fantasy.

Exotic Fanta comes in various flavors, and about 200 flavors of this drink are available worldwide. Some flavors of exotic Fanta only come and go during certain seasons (based on the flavor origin) and are not sold year-round in certain areas.

Some limited-edition flavors may only be available on a seasonal basis or at certain times of the year, including bubble gum, strawberry cheesecake, and red berries with lime. Some other interesting and unusual flavors of Fanta are available worldwide that you may not find at home.

However, regardless of all the flavors available, your primary focus should be what you or your customer likes the most. If you are opening a soft drink corner, you need to know which flavors people want the most. Otherwise, you might buy such flavors that will stay in the shop forever, leaving you to lose your business.

So, below is a list of most commonly used fanta exotic flavors from which you can start your business;

Common Flavors


Peach is a typical flavor not only in Fanta exotic but also in other drinks. Its sweet and fruity taste fits well for every palate. This flavor is commonly available in every shop and from online stores.


Wildberry flavor combines three berries; blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. This flavor is not commonly present, but people of South America are always into it, so it’s more available in the US.

Cashew Fruit

Cashew is a tropical fruit grown in a few Asian and African countries. Though the fruit is present in a specific area, this flavor is not limited to one end of the market. The Cashew flavor is delightful, just like the combination of pineapple and mango.


The pineapple flavor is the first love of everyone when it comes to soft drinks. Not only in drinks, but this fruit is also widely used in bakery items because of its fresh taste.


Lemon is the most common flavor in hot summer or areas where the summer is always at its peak. The sweet and sour taste of lemon gives the consumer fresh and lively comfort.

Orange and Mango

Orange and mango are the king fruits of opposite seasons. Both of these flavors are very popular in exotic Fanta, especially in the summer.

Apple and Lime

Apple and lime give a classic pairing of flavors with a sweet and sour taste. Apple flavor is widely available worldwide because it readily fits every palate.


The list of exotic Fanta will never go short. However, to sell a flavor in a respective area, you should choose two types of flavors; general and the one loved explicitly by the people there. Above is the list of some typical flavors from which apple, mango, lemon, and orange are most recommended. Do a quick market visit for specific tastes to check what people like and buy the most.